Tips for cleaning your marble floors

How to Clean Marble Floors 
Your marble floors are very susceptible to dirt, and there are specific cleaning products to use on them without causing damage.
Step 1: Prepare Cleaning Water
When cleaning marble floors, you should not use rough brushes or harsh chemicals and use hot water to beat tough stains. Hot water can cut through grease, dirt, and other stains on the floors. If possible, it’s advisable to use distilled water because distilled water is free of impurities; hence it will not discolor, stain or damage the marble floors.
Step 2: Add a Detergent or Cleaner
Because the marble floor is porous, you will need a mild cleaner. Consider purchasing pH-neutral detergents. The product you choose has directions that will guide you on the amount to add to the hot water. Some great products that we recommend are:
Step 3: Mop Your Floor
It is time to mop so take out your regular mop or spin mop. A spin mop is very efficient since it is easy to wring the water out. Apply short strokes and do not fear overlapping. To avoid scattering the dirt, consistently dip your mop in the liquid and wring it.
Step 4: Rinse the Floor
After you complete the mopping using hot water and the mild detergent, you want to rinse the floor. Take a bucket full of clean and cool water. Apply the same technique to mop by wringing and dipping. By rinsing the floor, you can get rid of the remaining dirt and dust or any cleaning solution residue. To avoid chances of scratches or streaks, change the water as often as possible.
Step 5: Dry the Floor
The final step is to dry your marble floors. This step is very critical if you need quality results and want to avoid water damage. To dry the floor, use a soft and clean towel or cloth to wipe the surface. If your cloth gets wet, take another one.
Tips to Maintain Your Marble Floor
  • Clean the Spills the Moment They Occur
  • Because marble floors are porous, they will absorb liquids and water – including stains and spills. It is advisable to wipe off the spills immediately as they happen. To clean it, use a damp cloth or microfiber mop.
  • Never Air Dry the Floor
  • By air drying your floor, the cleaning solution gets absorbed and can stain or discolor your floors. Ensure that you always use a towel or cloth to dry the marble floor after you complete mopping.
  • Use Mild Cleaners
  • It is advisable to use a PH-neutral cleaner when cleaning marble floors. These cleaners are gentle and safe to use but less efficient when getting rid of tough stains.
  • Mop Occasionally and Sweep Regularly
  • Dust makes marble floors appear very dull. Large grains of dirt may scratch your marble floors when dragged on your feet or shoes. If you sweep regularly using a dust mop or soft broom, you will keep dirt, dust, and scratches away. Marble floors do not require regular mopping, so keep mopping to a minimum, and it will help preserve your marble.
  • Lastly it’s always good to get a maintenance plan with a professional company that will polish your marble floors for you on a regular basis.
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