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Here at Fort Lauderdale Marble Restoration, we offer a variety of services all centered around our passion for marble and natural stone.

From maintenance services to ensure the upkeep of the stone is at its best, to full restoration projects, to smaller one-off services, you will be amazed at the results we can achieve.

Marble is an extremely sensitive material and so must be dealt with by professionals. Instead of risking your beautiful investment with a cheap household cleaner from the grocery store, utilize the specialized services that we offer. We keep our prices at an affordable cost to ensure the continuation of maintenance as the stone requires.

The variety of services allow our team to custom design service plans for each project as a unique entity, treating the stone just as it needs to be. We work unlike other companies that offer set ‘packages,’ was this can be damaging for the marble. In the long-run, overworking the stone can be hugely problematic. Our team of highly-trained specialists is extremely experienced in noticing the nuances of each case and will build a plan to bring the best outcomes. This is also time and cost-saving for you as it means you do not have to pay out for something that the surface does not need. We live up to our reputation as a trusted company that is passionate about marble! The variety of services that we offer are:


Marble Polishing

Marble polishing is a specialist field of floor polishing that requires many years of experience and training. Working with buffering will revitalize your surface, bringing back that beautiful shine and help your floors look brand new. Our team of experts can work with all surfaces of marble and will be happy to rejuvenate it to a long lasting and durable beauty. Using the most up to date methods, high-quality products, and machinery, you will be amazed at the results.

Marble Repair

As your local experts in marble repairs, every repair that we do is unique to the stone and the issue. Depending on the scale and type of damage, as well as the setting of the marble, our highly skilled team will perform repairs that are unnoticeable and extremely long-lasting. From cracks to scratches to stains, we will repair your marble to the highest standard so that you would never know that the damage had been there!

Marble Restoration

Most people do not realize the money and time that they can save by having their existing marble floor restored. In almost every case it is possible to restore an old, dulled marble surface to its original beautiful brightness. Every restoration project that we do is tailored specifically to that project, utilizing only the steps that are necessary to rejuvenate the stone to its best once more. From repairs to grinding, honing, and buffing, our expert team knows just how to bring your marble back to life!

Marble Sealing

Sealing your marble surfaces and marble floors regularly is imperative in the upkeep of the good condition it is in. Here at Fort Lauderdale Marble Restoration, we use the highest quality sealants, which will be unnoticeable once applied. The sealant forms a protective layer over the marble which prevents liquid spills from entering the porous stone and causing severe damage. It also helps to protect the surface from light scratches and other forms of light damage.

Marble Resurfacing

Marble resurfacing is a method that essentially sands off the top layer of your marble surface with specialized equipment and products. It gets rid of that existing exposed area of your marble floors that has become dull over time and takes off a very thin layer to expose a new and shiny layer. This rejuvenates your marble and will be followed by our thorough polishing and sealing services to ensure maximum durability and longevity in this new, revitalized state.

Marble Maintenance

As you’re local experts in all things marble, we are here to cover you for all your maintenance needs. If you want to set up regular services with us to keep on top of your marble floor upkeep, or if you require a one-off service- we are here to support you. Our priority is in keeping your marble at its best, using our specialist knowledge to take the appropriate measures to prevent any damage from taking place or to rejuvenate and revitalize when damage or time has taken its toll.

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