Marble Sealing

If you have invested in marble surfacing for your property, you need to take a final step to really support the natural stone in withstanding daily wear and tear. Putting in place this final measure adds a high quality, durable protective layer that will keep the excellent condition of your marble for many years to come. Without this service, your marble is extremely likely to become damaged and is particularly at risk from stains. By working with us you receive the best standard of marble sealing, from highly qualified specialists working with the most effective products and materials.

What is Marble Sealing?

Marble sealing is the application of a sealing product to the marble to prevent liquids from permeating the stone. Marble and most other natural stones have joined channels in their makeup that allows liquids to enter the stone itself. When liquid does enter it can cause problems with the stone’s strength, durability, insulation, and color. This sealing treatment prevents weakness and damage so is a vital part of the process to enable us to live with natural stone in our homes. It prevents damage ensuring that your marble surfaces and items are durable and long-lasting.

Why does marble need to be sealed?

Marble is extremely versatile and is used across a whole property in rooms including the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and garden. Using marble in your home is an investment so you must take adequate steps to preserve the fresh state it is installed in. From our experience of marble in households, your most serious threat is staining. Aside from discoloration (which can be easily cleared up if cleaned up quickly), the more serious effect takes place when the liquid has permeated the stone. When liquids penetrate those channels, irreversible damage can be caused. We commonly come across damage by oil spillage, as well as acidic substances. Acid erodes the stone leaving damaged spots. Acid substances include liquids like lemon juice, cola, wine, and vinegar.

New marble

If you have recently had marble installed in your home, adding a sealant is imperative to protect it as you live around it. Feel free to get in touch and we are available to come out quickly to perform a thorough sealing service. Our team of professional marble specialists work with great attention to detail and will perform a neat and durable service. The sealant is unnoticeable when applied correctly, so once our team has done their work the beauty of your marble will not be compromised, only strengthened and longer-lasting.


You must be diligent with looking after your marble. It is recommended that you reseal it every 3-6months however, we know that this can be impossible for some homeowners. Where possible we highly recommend some form of treatment every 3 months, which may be a minor service followed by a more thorough one. For homes where such regularity is impossible, we will be happy to talk you through your alternatives and provide advice.

Should you hire a Marble Sealing Service?

There are a lot of  reasons why you might need a Marble Sealing Service for your home or business. A few of the most common ones are:

– Marble is a porous material and it will absorb dirt, moisture and spills from everyday use. This can lead to discoloration or damage that will cost you more money in the future.

– Marble Sealing Services may be needed for marble countertops that have been sealed improperly by previous owners of your home (or other companies).

– Marble Sealers are often used on new construction projects because they help protect against staining caused by things such as spilled coffee, tea, wine or mustard products which could ruin your expensive materials if not properly taken care of. The sealant also helps prevent watermarks from forming over time due to humidity levels found in most indoor spaces like bathrooms and kitchens where people spend countless hours each week doing  things like shaving, cooking and washing dishes.

– Marble Sealers are also great for people who live in desert climates because the sealant can help prevent your marble from cracking due to excessive dryness or other environmental factors that may cause it to expand and contract if not treated with a protective layer. The same goes for those living near large bodies of water (oceanfront properties) because they often experience salt air which causes more wear on their home’s stone surfaces over time.

Choosing the right Marble Sealing Service for you.

Choosing who to hire can be difficult as there are many different companies out there advertising their services. To help make this decision easier for you we have some advice when choosing Marble Sealing Service:

· Expertise –   Choose a company that specializes in Marble Sealing. The more experienced the contractor, the better they will be at performing your service and offer other services to protect against future damage

· Customer Reviews – Check reviews from past customers to see how well their Marble Sealing Service was performed for others

· Customer Feedback- Past customer feedback should reflect whether or not any issues where encountered during completion  of the Marble Sealing Service

· Reputation – Choose a company that has been in business for many years with an established reputation.