Marble Restoration Fort Lauderdale

The marble in your home is an investment that should maintain its beauty for many decades to come! To preserve that beauty, you need to dedicate some time and effort to make sure that it remains protected and retains its shine. From bi-annual resealing to a one-off full marble polishing or marble restoration, you have come to the right place for a trustworthy service provider who is passionate about keeping your home looking as good as it can be. Natural stone is extremely sensitive, so by working with professionals of our level, you are ensuring durability and longevity so your marble can maintain its utmost beauty.

About Us

Fort Lauderdale Marble Restoration is the premier marble restoration company in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We also cater to the surrounding areas from Boca Raton and Palm Beach to Hollywood and Aventura. With many years of experience behind us, we have worked on a huge range of diverse projects, from small scale to much larger, and from general upkeep through to repairing severe damage. We are passionate about fort lauderdale marble polishing and maintaining the upmost beauty in this natural stone and work hard to ensure all of our local homeowners feel supported and welcome. We also work on terrazzo restoration, grout cleaning and a number of restoration services. We have deliberately kept our costs low to ensure consistent access for everyone that requires our high-quality work.


Our Services

We offer a diverse range of services to our local neighborhoods. From one-off bookings through to consistent treatments throughout the year, we will tailor our work to suit you and your property. Every job that we do is uniquely crafted to serve exactly what your marble needs. As a natural stone, it is extremely sensitive and must be dealt with responsively and considerately. All work that we do is specific to what your marble needs, so you can be assured that unlike other companies who propose only set package deals, we will not ask you to pay for or perform any unnecessary work. This can not only damage your bank balance but also the stone by overworking- our priority is keeping that marble at its best!

Marble Polishing

Marble polishing is a specialist field of floor polishing that requires many years of experience and training. Working with buffering will revitalize your surface, bringing back that beautiful shine and help your floors look brand new. Our team of experts can work with all surfaces of marble and will be happy to rejuvenate it to a long lasting and durable beauty. Using the most up to date methods, high-quality products, and machinery, you will be amazed at the results.

Marble Repair

As your local experts in marble repairs, every repair that we do is unique to the stone and the issue. Depending on the scale and type of damage, as well as the setting of the marble, our highly skilled team will perform repairs that are unnoticeable and extremely long-lasting. From cracks to scratches to stains, we will repair your marble to the highest standard so that you would never know that the damage had been there!

Marble Restoration

Most people do not realize the money and time that they can save by having their existing marble floor restored. In almost every case it is possible to restore an old, dulled marble surface to its original beautiful brightness. Every restoration project that we do is tailored specifically to that project, utilizing only the steps that are necessary to rejuvenate the stone to its best once more. From repairs to grinding, honing, and buffing, our expert team knows just how to bring your marble back to life!

Marble Sealing

Sealing your marble surfaces and marble floors regularly is imperative in the upkeep of the good condition it is in. Here at Fort Lauderdale Marble Restoration, we use the highest quality sealants, which will be unnoticeable once applied. The sealant forms a protective layer over the marble which prevents liquid spills from entering the porous stone and causing severe damage. It also helps to protect the surface from light scratches and other forms of light damage.

Marble Resurfacing

Marble resurfacing is a method that essentially sands off the top layer of your marble surface with specialized equipment and products. It gets rid of that existing exposed area of your marble floors that has become dull over time and takes off a very thin layer to expose a new and shiny layer. This rejuvenates your marble and will be followed by our thorough polishing and sealing services to ensure maximum durability and longevity in this new, revitalized state.

Marble Maintenance

As you’re local experts in all things marble, we are here to cover you for all your maintenance needs. If you want to set up regular services with us to keep on top of your marble floor upkeep, or if you require a one-off service- we are here to support you. Our priority is in keeping your marble at its best, using our specialist knowledge to take the appropriate measures to prevent any damage from taking place or to rejuvenate and revitalize when damage or time has taken its toll.

Our Process of Restoring and Polishing Marble


Before any repairs are performed, an assessment is done to determine the needs of your project. Once we enter into a contract with each customer, our team will be able to provide you with any necessary paperwork needed for permits and other legalities that may come up during your job.


When it comes time for estimates, one of our specialists will give you all the information on how much particular services cost to help make your decision easier! Not only do they have an understanding of pricing but they also know which Marble Services work best together depending on what type of project yours is.


We will then come up with a plan to complete your project. We provide different options for you such as budget, timeline, and other aspects that are important in completing the Marble Services you need.


We will then arrange all of our scheduling so we can start working on your Marble Services! Once everything is set in place we’ll give you an update on what work has been completed or if there are any issues along the way which may happen depending on time constraints, weather conditions, and more variables. If anything does arise from these situations we make sure it’s communicated to both parties immediately so they have all information possible about their project at hand!


Now onto coordination; once again this varies based on where the Marble Services will be done but we try to do as much of the coordination for you as possible. This includes setting up all meeting points, coordinating with other contractors or suppliers that may need to come onto your property, and more! We want this process to run smoothly so there’s less stress on both parties involved in the Marble Service project.


This is the part of the Marble Services where we get to use our skills! We provide a wide range of skill sets and expertise to provide you with the best service you can get.

We're always there for you

And last but not least is customer service; it’s so important that whatever task or job needs to be done gets completed correctly (and on time!). That means if anything does happen along the way with communications, weather conditions, or even just pesky animals like squirrels getting into things while we work on-site – we’ll be sure to do everything possible to keep providing great quality Marble Services until completion! So don’t hesitate to call us anytime day or night because we’re always there for you!

Call Us Today

If you require marble restoration in Fort Lauderdale, FL, alongside all other marble services, please feel welcome to get in touch. We are a friendly team who will be happy to support you in discovering exactly what your marble requires in a no-pressure, free assessment. For contact during working hours please use the phone number listed here on the website. For out-of-hours inquires use the online contact form and we will get back to you quickly. For all your marble needs, we are the team here to help!

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“I came home one day to find multiple mice eating food off my counter in my kitchen. I called Pest Control Of Broward straight away and they were there within a few hours to remove the infestation, I haven’t seen a single mouse since.” – Thomas G.

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